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Scrappus Interruptus

So you know how you make a list?  Have every intention of completing it from start to finish?  Then….. bah bah baaahhhhhh…. life gets in the way?  That’s what happened last week.  Let me share.

Monday – Computer Guy leaves for his home office in Milwaukee for the week.  He’s not scheduled to get home until Friday evening.  I have the whole week to create and photograph our first scrapbook project.  Did I say photograph?  Yup, I did.  Well you see, Computer Guy had a surprise for me up his sleeve.  Last weekend he took me out and purchased a new digital SLR camera for me.  Lots of new stuff for me to learn and fiddle around with.

Tuesday – After spending Monday cleaning house and playing with my new toy, I decided I had better cut out the dress I intended to sew and wear to a wedding on Saturday.  Spent the early afternoon pinning, cutting and ironing.  Migraine hit – the rest of the day spent on the sofa.

Wednesday – Needed to actually SEW the dress.  Had carefully measured (twice – yup, I’m one of those people).  Sewed and sewed and sewed.  Installed the most beautiful looking zipper in my life.  Aaaaahhhhh, perfection!  Got to the point where I could try it on before sewing the last two seams.  Pulled it over my head.  ARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!  It doesn’t FIT!  Too freakin small (even though it’s the size of a circus tent).  Spent the rest of the day crying and moping.  Decided to take frustration out on the lawn and spent a couple hours “angry mowing.”  When I get angry, I tend to do physical things like angry floor scrubbing, angry vacuuming, angry window washing.  I have discovered; however, angry dish washing and angry dusting tend to lead to angry broken stuff, so I try and avoid those activities.

Thursday –  Still mad about the dress and now I am “broken” from all the angry mowing (see Wednesday).  Fibromyalgia has flared up bad and am having trouble holding a pencil.  Migraine hits around noon.  Lay down in my bed to watch an episode of “Hoarders.”  I am so disturbed by the episode I get up and clean out my sock drawer and my t-shirt drawers.  Creativity has flown out the window.

Friday – Today I have a ton to accomplish.  Fibro has calmed down a bit and head is at a manageable level.  Start on to-do list.  Don’t get very far before I’m wrecked again.  Spend most of the afternoon reading The Pioneer Woman blog (which is fabulous and hilarious, by the way).  Computer Guy is scheduled to arrive at 4:30 – just in time to swing by Nearly Son-In-Law’s birthday celebration and then attend a wedding rehearsal dinner.  Computer Guy’s plane is late and so are we.

Saturday – We are scheduled to attend the wedding of a dear friend’s daughter at 3:00.  Trying to get ready, but head and body not cooperating, so need to take a lot of breaks.  We make it to the wedding on time, and it was BEAUTIFUL.  Reception afterward where we had a delicious meal and lots of laughs.  Computer Guy and I get to dance to “Brown-Eyed Girl.”  Computer Guy calls this “my song” because I am his brown-eyed girl.  Anywhere he is in the country, when he hears it playing, he calls and sings it to me.  I LOVE Computer Guy!

Which brings me to today, Sunday.  Need to spend some time up in my studio cleaning up the disasterous mess from my unfinished dress and find some open space in which to create our first project.  Also need to gather my photos and supplies.  I promise I’ll be posting our project this week.  Until then, no more angry mowing for this scrapper!

Mama Donna


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I am a 40 -year-old Domestic Engineer. I live in Fargo, ND with my husband of 26 years. I have two grown children, one son and one daughter. I also have two fur boys - an 11-year-old cocker spaniel dog and an 8-year-old British shorthair cat. I've often been called "Woman of a Thousand Hobbies" by friends and family and have a love for all things crafty. My favorite passion; however, is scrapbooking which I have been doing for just over three years. I also sew, embroider, crochet, knit, bead and I LOVE to cook and bake. I am always eager to learn something new. Thanks for joining me here!

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