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The T-Rex in the Room

There is a T-Rex in the room!  Shhhhhh!  Maybe if we don’t move, it won’t see us…. 

Rats!  I moved and now it sees me!

Ok, so let’s make friends with this T-Rex.  I assume his name is “Fear.”  He tells me his name is Herman.  He tells me that even though he may look big and scary, he is really a good guy.  I just need to get to know him.

I believe FEAR is what keeps so many people from enjoying so many things.  If you are anything like I was, it was this FEAR  that kept me from trying scrapbooking.  I was afraid of so many things – what if my paper doesn’t exactly match, what if I make a HUGE investment and then hate it, what if I don’t do it “right,” what will the experienced scrappers think of my feeble attempt, what if I wreck my pictures…?????  The list was nearly endless.  Then I made a friend who encouraged me to face my FEAR and make friends with it.  I did.  Turns out, my fear’s name is Herman.

Now, instead of running from Herman and trying to hide, I gladly face him head-on and welcome him into my studio.  Herman challenges me to go outside of my comfort zone, to think outside the box and to try new things.  Once in a while he still scares the creative bejeebers out of me, but I just tell him to “back off” and stop shouting. 

In the following days and weeks, I intend to introduce you to your Herman.  I will be providing step-by-step directions in how to begin:  what tools you will need (and you won’t have to break your bank account), WHERE to begin and  HOW to begin.  Through my personal trial and error I will share what has worked for me, what hasn’t, and suggest things that may work for you.  I want to share with you how wonderfully exciting this hobby (o.k. obsession) can be and where it can take you.

For now, think about your Herman. 

Get to know him. 

Shake his hand. 

Embrace him. 

Remember that even a scaly dinosaur needs love and acceptance too!

Mama Donna



About mamadonna58102

I am a 40 -year-old Domestic Engineer. I live in Fargo, ND with my husband of 26 years. I have two grown children, one son and one daughter. I also have two fur boys - an 11-year-old cocker spaniel dog and an 8-year-old British shorthair cat. I've often been called "Woman of a Thousand Hobbies" by friends and family and have a love for all things crafty. My favorite passion; however, is scrapbooking which I have been doing for just over three years. I also sew, embroider, crochet, knit, bead and I LOVE to cook and bake. I am always eager to learn something new. Thanks for joining me here!

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  1. You inspire me daily, Mama Donna. Love you.


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