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Jumping Off

I decided to do it. 

I am jumping off the ledge and into the world of cyber communication and information sharing (with no life preserver, I might add). 

Why am I here?  What do I hope to accomplish?  What do I wish for anyone who may stumble upon this site?  In a nutshell, The Power of Scrapping Compels Me to share my passion, provide a “how to” for those who may be afraid to give this wonderful hobby a try and to hopefully provide some inspiration and a few laughs to those who stop by.

The Power of Scrapping has not only provided me with a wonderful creative outlet, it has also given me a means to preserve and share my family’s memories and experiences.  It has also acted as a vehicle in forming lasting bonds of friendship and love.  I have found scrappers to be some of the warmest, kindest and friendliest people I have ever encountered.  I wish for all of you to have the same type of experience.

Over time, you will find here information about getting started with this hobby, pictures of my work (the good and the bad), and hopefully some inspiration to keep you moving forward.  Feedback and questions are always welcomed and encouraged.  I can’t wait to “meet” you all!

Mama Donna


About mamadonna58102

I am a 40 -year-old Domestic Engineer. I live in Fargo, ND with my husband of 26 years. I have two grown children, one son and one daughter. I also have two fur boys - an 11-year-old cocker spaniel dog and an 8-year-old British shorthair cat. I've often been called "Woman of a Thousand Hobbies" by friends and family and have a love for all things crafty. My favorite passion; however, is scrapbooking which I have been doing for just over three years. I also sew, embroider, crochet, knit, bead and I LOVE to cook and bake. I am always eager to learn something new. Thanks for joining me here!

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  1. oh so proud of you! Way to go!!!!!!


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